Yes...We do love our sticky notes. In fact, you’ll probably find a marker and some sticky notes in our bag right now.

But innovation is more than just sticky notes. It’s about being curious, listening to people’s stories with respect and empathy, and looking at things holistically, not just as isolated needs or experiences.

Whether it’s a workshop to explore an idea or or a longer strategic engagement, we have lots of insightful and engaging ways to help unpack the “Why?” and help you start building “What if?”

Sparking Ideas

We think ideas need some room to play.

So we blend c0-creation, maker activities (and yes, the occasional sticky note) to help you explore ideas and develop a shared vision.

These facilitated workshops are great for shaping a strategic vision, developing the next iteration of your product or service, or just unlocking the creative energies of your team.

Innovating Products & Services

Maybe you’re starting something new. Or maybe something’s not working as well as you would like. 

We work closely with your team and customers - with equal parts curiosity, empathy, strategy and creativity - to better understanding the behaviors, drivers, and experiences that are impacting your products and services.

It’s a holistic approach that we find not only addresses the need at hand, but leads to more purposeful design and smarter growth.

Transforming Organizations

It takes purposefully-designed organizations to deliver great experiences, for customers and employees alike.

But sometimes things are moving too fast, or people are spread too thin, or things have become a bit too complex, or maybe you find yourself at a moment of transition. Little frictions can build, eroding morale, engagement, innovation, and ultimately, growth.

Working together, we dig a bit deeper, exploring how people, policies, processes, environment, culture, and technology can better align to create rewarding experiences and sustainable growth.

Growing Capabilities

While we love working with you, we also want you be able to do this on your own.

In fact, we’re rather passionate about helping you fundamentally change the way you approach problems and explore opportunities.

We’ll help you build design-led capabilities within your organization, so you can be more adaptive, flexible, and most important, proactive, to the changing needs of the marketplace.

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